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Project Tracker
# Application # Project Management
The template for project information management and collaborate with others, like tasks tracking, calendar, and project documents.
Sales Management
# Application # Sales & Marketing
One stop solution for tracking Leads and Accounts. Application has a feature to set up detailed forecast which can be compared with the actual sales achieved.
Leave Request
# Application # HR & Recruiting
Employee can submit all types of leave with detailed leave period, both supervisor and HR team will be involved for approval and tracking.
Purchase Requisition
# Application # Procurement
Accounting process to initiate a merchandise or supply purchase. Submit online and monitor the legitimacy of a purchase, as well as identify the business need for the products.
Bug Tracker
# Application # Project Management
Use this bug tracker with your team to easily delegate bug fixing and bug tracking projects. It’s used for QA analysts, or any team that needs a collaborative bug tracker to keep them on task.
Travel Request
# Application # Finance & Accounting
The app of travel request is imperative for every business as facilitating employees to travel easily. And a streamlined flow will notify managers and spend less time on gaining approvals.
Travel Reimbursement
# Application # Finance & Accounting
All employees could submit form and get reimbursed for the travel expenses. And the travel advance can be entered for finance payment balance.
Vendor Management
# Application # Sales & Marketing
Whether you call them vendors, suppliers, dealers, contractors, or something else altogether, manage your business transactions in a single application.
Expense Reimbursement Claim
# Application # Finance & Accounting
Reimbursement claim is filled by the employees to get the compensation for any already paid expenses; then he/she will get reimbursement for that the money he/she has paid for.
Recruitment Tracker
# Application # HR & Recruiting
Are you a business owner or recruiter who meets potential hires at college fairs? Make a list of promising candidates so you can check up with them later. See the colleges you've partnered with, follow up with recruitment processes, and skim the cream of the crop.
Employee Resignation Request
# Application # HR & Recruiting
The resignation request is ready to be submitted by employees who is tentative to leave. It supports that the supervisor can approve or reject the request.HR will receive the approved request for further processing.
Interview Assessment
# Application # HR & Recruiting
Manage the interview arrangement.Provide interview arrangement and feedback process, HR team initiates interview application, and 1-2 round interview will be assigned and tracked with assessment points. HR will evaluate with final result based on records.
Purchase Order
# Application # Procurement
Submit the official confirmation of and order to control the purchasing of products and services from suppliers, which enable businesses to track and process electronically.
Product Launch
# Application # Product & Design
It takes months of preparations for a presentation of a new product or service. Something you’ve worked so hard on deserves a flawless product launch. This template helps you to plan launch events that meets the expectations
Visit Request Form
# Application # Assets & Security
Request for upcoming visit with security approval and access tracking.
Business Card Request
# Application # Administration
Raise the business card form for approval and logistic printing.
Gifts Declaration
# Application # Employee Motivation
Provide the offers of hospitality/gifts/other benefit to be confirmed and recorded.
Employee Directory
# Application # HR & Recruiting
A centralized database for easy employee information access and management.
Vehicle Request
# Application # Administration
Manage vehicle requests for each employee. Form validation for request date and approval ahead of car allocation.
Course Planner
# Application # HR & Recruiting
One application to manage all the courses you offer, materials, and tutors. Help each student until they glow with pride.
Payment Request
# Application # Finance & Accounting
Process a payment for items of business required.
Cash Advance
# Application # Finance & Accounting
Employee raises for cash payment for office purpose.
Recruitment Request
# Application # HR & Recruiting
Raise a recruitment request to hire new staff for your business required.Provide the specifications of basic requirements and feedback update.
Employee Onboarding
# Application # HR & Recruiting
HR initiates the process for new employee's onboarding and maintains the employee personal data.The supervisor and IT team will be assigned for process update and assets allocated.
IT Asset Tracker
# Application # Information Technology
An IT asset is classified as any company-owned information, system or hardware that is used in the course of business activities. IT Asset tracker is used for managing IT assets in your company.
Overtime Claim
# Application # HR & Recruiting
Claim overtime hours to get approval and payroll confirmation.
Employee Recognition
# Application # Employee Motivation
Provide best describe the employee being nominated. Express your gratitude and appreciating someone in the workplace and give you an idea as well as a broad perspective in terms of being grateful to and for every person, most especially your hardworking and dedicated employees.
Contract Approval Form
# Application # Procurement
Raise for online management of contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, or more. A process of managing contract creation, verification and approval from an organization's efficiency.
Support Desk
# Application # Information Technology
Designed to make it easy for you to better support your customers or users inside your company, this application provides a support platform that helps resolve issues methodically and build a knowledge base.
Team Outing Request
# Application # Employee Motivation
Raise an outing request with budget to facilitate bonding with your team's members.
Vendor Form
# Application # Procurement
Provide the vendor registration and approval flow for business purpose.
Project Management
# Application # Project Management
All-in-one Project Management is the application that focus on processes, task assignments, timelines, and cost management. It helps managers plan, monitor and report on projects; it helps teams manage their work and collaborate, too.
Business Travel Management
# Application # Finance & Accounting
This Business Travel Application contains all the data that a business traveler wants to forward for approval/booking/cash advance/expense reimbursement. It includes the entire process of a business trip from the initial request, planning, and booking until settlement.
Procurement Management
# Application # Procurement
Procurement management is a strategic approach to optimizing organizational need and spend. It provides supplier selection, requisitioning, ordering, payment and inspection. It means acquiring your goods and services from preferred suppliers, within your determined budget. Meanwhile it helps to manage and control the payment and more.