Microsoft Power BI Integration

Using Yeeflow Connector for Microsoft Power BI to access Yeeflow data and generate Power BI reports.
Using the ready-to-use Yeeflow connector for Power BI to gain data insights.

Connect Yeeflow Directly from Power BI Desktop

Utilize the Yeeflow connector for Power BI to effortlessly link your data sources within Microsoft Power BI Desktop, streamlining data analysis and insights.
Learn how to install the connector

Design Data Relationships in Power BI

Enhance your data analysis by creating intricate data relationships between tables in Microsoft Power BI, enabling comprehensive insights and data-driven decisions.
Create Data Relationships

Automate Your Power BI Data Refresh

Publish your Power BI reports from the Power BI Desktop to Power BI Online with ease, making your insights accessible anywhere, anytime.
Set up automatic data refresh in your Power BI reports using the Yeeflow connector, ensuring your business insights are always up-to-date with the latest data.
Automate Refresh Power BI Data

Embed Power BI Online Reports into Yeeflow Applications

Integrate Power BI Online reports directly into Yeeflow, providing a seamless data visualization experience within your business applications.
Embed Power BI Reports

How to use it now?

Using Power BI desktop to connect data from Yeeflow applications.

Download Yeeflow connctor for from online
Connect Yeeflow with Power BI desktop
Build report as share with your team.

Check our Help Center to learn more about Yeeflow for Microsoft Power BI.

Frequently asked questions

We're here to help with any questions you have about plans, pricing, and supported features.
Is there an additional cost associated with using the Yeeflow Connector for Microsoft Power BI?

No, there are no extra costs for using the Yeeflow Connector with Microsoft Power BI.

Will the business intelligence (BI) reports created with Yeeflow data automatically refresh?

Yes, BI reports created with Yeeflow data can be configured to automatically refresh. You can set up data refresh schedules either from the Power BI desktop application or the Power BI online service.