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Get more transactional efficiency and internal control over your finance and operations
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Having an easy-to-use app has simplified previously tedious approvals like hotel stay expenses, airplane ticket approvals, and travel expense reports.
Travel and Expense

Simplify Your Travel and Expense Management

Help businesses of all sizes streamline their travel and expense processes, save time and money, and improve compliance.
Budget Management

Budget management made easy

Simplify budget management with Yeeflow's intuitive tools. Set, track, and analyze budgets effortlessly to achieve financial control and strategic goals
Asset Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your assets

Yeeflow empowers you to efficiently oversee assets from acquisition to disposal, ensuring optimal utilization and compliance throughout their lifecycle.
Facility Management

Simplify Facility Management

Yeeflow offers flexible facility management, enabling you to streamline service requests, scheduling, and admin tasks with ease. Enhance efficiency in your facilities.
Cash Management

Get total control over your cash flow

Take full control of your cash flow with Yeeflow. Manage recurring cash credits, request additional petty cash, set expense limits, and keep precise track of your cash movements with ease.
Accounting Functions

Get more control over your books

Take command of your financial records with Yeeflow. Set approval flows for write-offs, credit notes, and debit notes. Ensure the integrity of your books with precise documentation and manage write-down requests effortlessly.
Benefits Management

Manage employee benefits like a boss

Handle employee benefits like a pro. Allow requests for loans, salary advances, health expense reimbursements, and business cards with ease. Keep finances in check and employees satisfied.

A unified platform for all the things your can do

Spend control

Find areas where you’re spending unnecessarily and cut back on costs

Faster Approvals

With rule-based approvals, ensure that you maintain a steady float

Version Control

Always be assured that you have the latest version of the budget

Status tracking

Easily track the status of your requests, right from your smartphone

Unified Data

Have all your budget estimates and actuals in one centralized database

Highly Customizable

Modify labels and configure workflows to meet your requirements

Exhaustive reports

Get detailed reports, key metrics, and actionable insights to make smart decisions

Policy Compliance

Ensure no unauthorized write-offs take place and maintain integrity