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Procurement processes kept simple, made smarter

With Yeeflow, you can take control of your procurement and supply chain process, from supplier management to invoice processing. Yeeflow's powerful tools help you save time and money, while also reducing risk.
Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing Simplified

Run sourcing events to receive supplier responses, compare their quotes, and choose the best from the lot.
Contract management

One platform to manage all your contracts

Keep track of all your supplier contracts in one place and manage them effortlessly
Purchase Requisitions

Take control of your purchase requests

Create, review, and manage your purchase requests with complete transparency
Purchase Orders

Purchase orders made flexible

Customize every aspect of your POs from data fields to approval workflows
Purchase Invoices

Invoice processing is no longer a hassle

A streamlined AP automation software to manage e-invoices, automate 3-way matching, and build dynamic workflows
Vendor Management

Enroll, engage, and evaluate vendors

Build better supplier relationships with a streamlined supplier management software
Spend Analytics

Turn data into actionable insights

Retrieve actionable insights to spot purchasing trends and optimize spend

Customize everything of your process

Intuitive interface

Employees can execute and manage PRs in an uncluttered, simplified visual interface

Paperless processing

Execute and manage all PO documentation effectively without a single printout

Manage Contracts

A comprehensive platform to manage contract expiry, renewal, and more

Supplier Management

Easily onboard new suppliers and manage them all on a single platform

Supplier Performance

Manage and measure supplier performance against the terms and conditions of your contract

Approvals on the go

Every stakeholder has the ability to provide approvals: anytime, anywhere, on any device

Automated routing

Move approvals through the chain of hierarchy without any manual intervention

Track progress

Obtain an accurate status of all your purchase in real-time at a glance