A custom-designed mobile Workspace

Customizable navigation options, mobile-only in-app message, and integration options that have your app’s design in mind.
Access Yeeflow applications from third-party mobile apps!

Inside in Microsoft Teams mobile apps

Ideal for users who are already integrating Teams into their daily work routine, this option provides a streamlined, efficient, and consistent Yeeflow experience.

Simply download the Microsoft Teams app from your iOS or Android store, and add Yeeflow to your Teams environment to start using Yeeflow on the move.
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Frequently asked questions

We're here to help with any questions you have about mobile app features.
Can I install Yeeflow mobile apps on an iPad?

Yes, you can install Yeeflow mobile apps on your iPad for easy access to your business applications and data while on the go.

Can I build custom applications using the Yeeflow mobile apps?

No, the Yeeflow mobile apps are primarily designed for accessing and interacting with existing applications created on the Yeeflow platform. To build custom applications, you would need to use the Yeeflow web platform, which offers a comprehensive application creation environment.