Low-code innovation for enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture aligns a business' digital infrastructure, IT, and business operations to its strategic business goals. Yeeflow's low-code platform helps enterprise architects centralize data, modernize applications, and integrate systems for business transformation.

Foundational principles of enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture is the compass that guides organizations towards their strategic objectives. It comprises six fundamental layers that play a pivotal role in shaping an enterprise's direction:
Business Architecture

Business architecture defines a business's internal organization, products, services, and processes. Aligning business architecture sets the stage for success.

Information Architecture

Information architecture covers enterprise data generation, storage, processing, and management, encompassing databases, policies, and channels.

Application Architecture

Application architecture classifies and manages business applications, including deployment, hosting, interactions, and mapping to key business processes.

Technological Architecture

Technological architecture addresses the IT infrastructure for application deployment and IT services, including hardware, middleware, networks, platforms, and technology choices.

Process Architecture

Process architecture optimizes workflow and enhances efficiency, enabling organizations to achieve operational excellence and deliver customer value.

Security Architecture

Security architecture safeguards digital assets, data, and systems, integrating security protocols throughout enterprise architecture to protect against cyber threats.

Why enterprise architects choose Yeeflow

Yeeflow empowers architects to streamline, master, and manage key enterprise components in a unified platform.
Streamlining Business Operations

Yeeflow offers a unified platform that helps enterprise architects structure internal operations seamlessly. With intuitive tools for process modeling and optimization, business leaders can design and refine workflows to enhance efficiency and align with strategic objectives.

Mastering Data Dynamics

Yeeflow's robust data management capabilities empower organizations to master their data dynamics. From data generation to governance, our platform ensures data accuracy, accessibility, and security, supporting enterprise architects in their quest to create a solid information architecture.

Managing the Digital Landscape

Enterprise architects benefit from Yeeflow's application management features, allowing them to classify, integrate, and streamline business applications. With an intuitive interface for application deployment and orchestration, Yeeflow enables architects to maintain an efficient application architecture.

Optimizing IT Infrastructure

Yeeflow helps enterprise architects optimize their IT infrastructure. Through technology selection, partnership management, and infrastructure oversight, architects can ensure their technology stack aligns seamlessly with the enterprise's needs, enhancing the technological architecture.

Enhancing Workflow Efficiency

Yeeflow's process modeling and automation tools empower enterprise architects to enhance workflow efficiency. By facilitating process optimization and minimizing bottlenecks, Yeeflow supports architects in achieving operational excellence, a fundamental aspect of process architecture.

Protecting Digital Assets

Security is paramount, and Yeeflow understands this. Our platform integrates robust security protocols at every level, safeguarding digital assets, data, and systems. Enterprise architects can rely on Yeeflow to reinforce their security architecture against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Authentication integration
Cloud-Based Authentication Services
Yeeflow offers seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities with many of the standard authentication providers.
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Features for enterprise architects

Discover the feature-rich capabilities that Yeeflow offers to empower enterprise architects. From robust security measures to granular permission control and advanced data analytics,

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Yeeflow's SSO integration with your identity provider ensures secure and convenient access for all users.

Security Audit Compliance

The comprehensive audit logs help enterprise architects ensure transparency and compliance.

Multiple-tier permissions

The multi-tier permission control caters to the complex needs of large enterprises.

Seamless global collaboration

Yeeflow's multilingual and time zone support empowers enterprises with global reach.

Advanced data analytics

The collaboration workspaces facilitate cross-functional teamwork, enhancing productivity and innovation.

Collaboration workspaces

Empower large enterprises to manage and collaborate with large volumes of data to gain insights that support growth.

Advanced integrations

Ready-to-use connectors and APIs enable enterprise architects to establish seamless data integration.

Scalability and performance

Scales with your enterprise, offering robust performance for large data volumes and complex processes.

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Authentication integration
Enterprise App Integration
Connect Yeeflow with your existing enterprise applications. Bridge Yeeflow with ERP applications and open two-way sharing of data with:

We’re invested in your success

From implementation support to in-the-moment troubleshooting, we’re here to help you build, scale, and optimize your applications
Onboarding and training support

Adopting a new tool can be a challenge — but from Yeeflow best practices to deep technical support, we’re here to make it easier.

Technical consulting

Our Technical Architects will help you plan for key integrations and design roadmaps for complex technical solutions.

Personalized help from a dedicated CSM

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager and other technical specialists will provide ongoing guidance.

On-demand online support

Need help right away? You can always schedule a call with our Support team for live help with urgent questions.

Yeeflow service partners

Don’t want to DIY? We’ll help you find a Yeeflow-approved partner based on the type of work you need done.

Frequently asked questions

We're here to help with any questions you have about using Yeeflow for large enterprise.
Can I restrict users with our organization's domain to log in only with Microsoft 365 or Google accounts?

Yes, you can. As a system admin, you have the capability to configure the managed domain settings, ensuring that users within your organization can log in using their Microsoft 365 or Google accounts for added security.

Can I configure my own SAML or OAuth user authentication for Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Absolutely. Yeeflow allows system admins to configure their own Single Sign-On (SSO) methods using SAML or OAuth authentication protocols. This enables seamless integration with your existing authentication systems.

Can I customize the sender's email address for notifications?

Yes, you have full control over the sender's email address for notifications. System admins can easily configure one or multiple outgoing email addresses, allowing you to send notifications with your organization's own email addresses, ensuring a professional and consistent communication experience.

Can I manage access permissions at different levels within my organization?

Absolutely. Yeeflow offers multiple tier permission controls, allowing you to set permissions for global settings, workspaces, applications, and even individual components within each application. This flexibility empowers you to meet the specific permission requirements of large enterprises, ensuring data access control down to the granular level.

Does Yeeflow support multiple languages for users across different regions?

Yes, Yeeflow provides robust support for multiple languages. Organizations can set a default language, and users can choose their preferred language, ensuring a tailored user experience that caters to diverse multinational teams.

How does Yeeflow handle multiple time zones for geographically dispersed teams?

Yeeflow offers multiple time zone support to address the needs of multinational companies. Organizations can set a default time zone, while individual users can choose their preferred time zone. This feature ensures seamless collaboration and coordination among employees located in different regions.

Can Yeeflow accommodate the growing data needs of large enterprises?

Absolutely. Yeeflow empowers large enterprises to manage and collaborate with large volumes of data by providing extensive data storage capabilities. With the ability to handle millions of data units, Yeeflow offers across-application data processing and analytics to support the growth of your business.

How does Yeeflow handle security audit compliance?

Yeeflow offers robust security audit compliance by providing detailed audit logs for key user activities within the platform. These logs help organizations maintain a comprehensive record of user interactions, ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance with security standards.