Centralized hub for business data

Harness the power of structured data storage, seamless collaboration, and intuitive interfaces to unlock the true potential of your business information.

Streamline, visualize, and organize Business data

Discover the power of Yeeflow's Data Management module – your hub for efficient data organization. Revolutionize your data operations with Yeeflow's comprehensive suite of data management tools.

Create Custom Data Lists for Streamlined Information

Yeeflow empowers you to build diverse data lists with custom fields. From single lines of text to users, numbers, and more, tailor your data lists to your unique needs. Cross-application data connections ensure your information is well-organized within a single platform.

Manage every type of data

Create custom fields with a variety of field types to customize the data structure of data lists. This can be helpful for organizations that need to collect specific data or that need to track different types of data.

Advanced Data Filtering

The data filter function allows you to filter data based on a variety of criteria. You can use simple filters, such as filtering by a single field or value, or complex filters, such as filtering by multiple fields or values using AND and OR operators.

Design custom list forms for optimal user experience

Simplify data interactions with customizable list forms. Use Yeeflow's List Form Designer to craft intuitive UI layouts and complex form logics. Tailor forms for new data creation, editing, and detailed data viewing, enhancing user experience across your data management process.

Visualize Your Data with Precision

Create different data views for sharing, collaboration, and informed decision-making.

Efficiency in Tabular Form

The List View presents your data in an organized table format. Configure displayed fields, apply sorting and filtering, and easily grasp structured data with precision.

Visualize Your Records

Transform your data into visual cards with the Gallery View. Customize which fields appear on each card, set cover images, and enhance recognition through imagery. Ideal for showcasing designs, creative works, and comprehensive data presentation.

Time-Centric Data Display

Stay synchronized with your data using the Calendar View. Switch between day, week, and month views to effortlessly manage date-related information. Collaborate efficiently and track events seamlessly.

Streamlined Process Management

Track progress, stakeholders, and deliverables with ease on the Kanban Board. Embrace a drag-and-drop, adaptable interface to showcase data with different statuses. Effortlessly modify and monitor workflow.

Project Deadline Mastery

The Gantt Chart ensures your projects stay on track. Visualize activities, task dependencies, and milestones to manage complex projects with precision. Meet deadlines and navigate multi-step processes seamlessly.

Rich Content Display

Share rich content elegantly with the News View. Display information through images and text, making it perfect for news, announcements, and knowledge articles. Elevate communication and engagement effortlessly.

Centralize document management

Streamline document management using Yeeflow's Document Library. Create folders for structured organization, upload documents effortlessly, and even define custom fields to manage document properties. Seamlessly connect document libraries with data lists for enhanced data context.

Explore other data features

Import / export data

Import from or export to excel file for large volumes of data.

Access permissions

Control specific roles of view, edit, delete or manage data.

List workflows

Automates data processes with predefined workflows.


Receive notifications when there are changes to data lists.

Version control

Turn on to track changes to data lists and revert to previous versions if needed.

Connected Data

Easily connect data lists together to create a single, unified view of your data.

Full-text search

Quickly find the data you need by searching for keywords in any field.

Duplicate / move

Create an exact copy of an existing data list, including all of its data and settings.

Encrypt data

Protect sensitive data by encrypting it before it is stored in the data list.

API calls

Create RESTful APIs for other systems to consume and operate data.

Frequently asked questions

We're here to help with any questions you have about data management features.
How does Yeeflow's data management differ from platforms like Airtable or Google Sheets?

Yeeflow offers a more comprehensive data management solution, integrating seamlessly with workflow automation and application development. While platforms like Airtable and Google Sheets focus primarily on data tabulation and basic collaboration, Yeeflow provides a holistic approach, allowing for advanced data operations, integrations, and business process automation within a unified platform.

Can I migrate data from other platforms to Yeeflow?

Yes, Yeeflow supports data import from various formats, making it easy to transition from platforms like Airtable, Google Sheets, or other data management systems

How secure is my data within Yeeflow?

Yeeflow prioritizes data security, employing advanced encryption techniques, regular backups, and adhering to industry-standard security protocols to ensure data confidentiality and integrity.

Can I integrate Yeeflow's data management with other business tools?

Absolutely. Yeeflow offers a range of connectors and APIs, allowing for seamless integration with popular business tools and platforms.

Is there a limit to the volume of data I can manage within Yeeflow?

Yeeflow is designed to handle vast amounts of data, catering to both small businesses and large enterprises. There are no specific limitations of the volume.

Can I automate data-related tasks within Yeeflow?

Yes, Yeeflow's strength lies in its automation capabilities. You can set up triggers, actions, and workflows related to data entry, updates, or any other data operations.

How does Yeeflow ensure data accuracy and integrity?

Yeeflow offers features like data validation, audit trails, and version control to ensure data accuracy and maintain data integrity.

Can I set role-based access controls for my data in Yeeflow?

Yes, Yeeflow provides granular role-based access controls, allowing you to specify who can view, edit, or manage specific datasets, ensuring data confidentiality and security.