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HR business processes kept simple, made smarter

Yeeflow is a great way to measure performance and monitoring processes. With clear visibility, we know where improvements can be made; where things are lagging and where things aren’t efficient.
Applicant Tracking

Attract and hire the best talent

Speed up your hiring cycle with built-in talent pools and one-click job posting

Build an engaging onboarding process

Streamline every step from documentation to asset allocation and training setup

Create a performance-driven culture

Customize a performance review process that meets your unique needs
Attendance and Time

Paperless time and attendance tracking

Retrieve insights to spot employee working trends and optimize productivity
Leave Management

Leave management made simple

Create, approve, reject, and manage employee leaves with ease

Saying goodbye the right way

Automate every step from exit interviews to asset retrieval and access revokal

Make hassle-free HR management a reality

Streamlined process

Accelerate the hiring process with custom workflows, automated alerts, and ready-to-use templates

Seamless experience

Offer a seamless experience from the first touch point to background verification and offer rollout

Talent pool

Track and execute all steps in the employee onboarding process with automated checklists

Automated checklists

Easily track the status of your requests, right from your smartphone

Smart notifications

Automated alerts help stakeholders complete tasks like asset allocation without any delays

Employee database

Store and manage all employee documents in a cloud database to improve accessibility

Employee self-service

Allow users to view, manage, and submit timesheets from anywhere at any time on any device

Insightful reports

Spot employee work trends at a glance with a data-driven dashboard and visual-rich reports