Build custom applications without coding

The all-in-one enterprise application development platform makes it easy for anyone to create custom applications that meet their specific needs.

Low-code automation for enterprise needs

Explore the possibilities and unleash your creativity as you embark on a journey of rapid application development.
Simplified application development
Accomplish more with drag-and-drop development platform.
Reduced IT complexity and cost
Save time and money on IT development and maintenance.
Increased productivity and agility
Rapid adaptation and growth in an ever-changing business landscape.
Enhanced security and compliance
Protect your data and comply with industry regulations.

Simple to build. Intuitive to use.

With drag and drop designer, you can easily create and customize forms, workflows, dashboards, and more.
Create interactive online forms

Create online forms with 50+ controls and logics visually with form designer. This includes basic fields controls and more powerful advanced controls. You can also implement complex logics with expression editor, actions custome code etc.

Automate approval workflow process

Automate tasks with powerful approval workflows visually, without the need for coding. This includes setting up approval steps, assigning tasks, and sending notifications. You can also integrate with other applications to automate even more tasks.

Share content with modern design

Create central information sharing with modern design visually, without the need for coding. This includes adding rich text, images, structured data. You can also customize the look and feel of your pages to match your branding, create responsive pages that look great on all devices.

Using data builder to process data

Create data models and process data with data builder visually. Merging, analyzing, and visualizing data from multiple sources. This allows you to uncover valuable insights and generate data-driven reports that support strategic decision-making.

Create data analytics reports

Create data analytics reports with controls visually, without the need for coding. This includes creating charts, graphs, and tables. You can also filter and drill down into your data to get the insights you need. You can also create dashboards to track your key metrics.

Integrate critical systems

Integrate Yeeflow with your current tools, establish vital business connections, and create robust applications to amplify productivity.

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Engineered for enterprise.

The Yeeflow platform enables enterprise-grade deployment, security, and data governance, with the simplicity of one centrally managed platform.
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Enhancing Performance, Ensuring Governance, and Embracing Flexibility


Strengthening Access Control: Advancing Compliance Operations.


Customizability, User Experience, and Adoption are key factors to consider.

No matter your needs, build it in Yeeflow

End silos with a unique platform that connects every part of your work.

Streamline Procurement Operations

Streamline purchase requisitions, approvals, and purchase order management for efficient procurement processes.

Implement supplier scorecards to evaluate and improve supplier performance.

Monitor and analyze spending patterns to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Ensure compliance with procurement policies and regulations.

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Ensure Financial Accuracy

Automate expense tracking and reporting to ensure accurate financial records.

Manage budgets effectively by setting alerts for overspending and analyzing historical data.

Provide stakeholders with real-time financial dashboards for visibility and accountability.

Simplify auditing processes with easy access to financial data and transaction history.

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Drive product innovation.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to manage the entire product lifecycle, from concept to launch.

Collect user feedback and feature requests to inform product development decisions.

Monitor project progress and identify bottlenecks for timely adjustments.

Create detailed product roadmaps for transparent communication with stakeholders.

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Achieve operational excellence.

Optimize supply chain management by tracking inventory levels, supplier performance, and order fulfillment.

Implement preventive maintenance schedules for equipment and assets.

Streamline incident reporting and resolution processes for improved safety and compliance.

Collaborate with other teams for coordinated workflow management.

Streamline processes from hire to retire.

Automate recruitment workflows, from job posting to candidate onboarding.

Manage employee records, performance evaluations, and training programs in a centralized system.

Enable self-service portals for employees to access HR information and request leave.

Ensure compliance with HR regulations and maintain a secure repository of sensitive employee data.

Learn human resource management

Enable precise engineering.

Manage engineering projects with detailed timelines, milestones, and dependencies.

Collaborate on technical documentation and version control for design and development.

Integrate with testing and quality assurance processes for rigorous product testing.

Implement agile methodologies for iterative development and continuous improvement.

Ensure regulatory adherence.

Centralize compliance documentation and processes to ensure adherence to industry regulations.

Automate compliance audits and reporting for timely assessments and remediation.

Collaborate with relevant teams to implement compliance best practices and risk mitigation.

Maintain a secure record of compliance activities and evidence for audits.

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