Microsoft Power Automate Integration

Put your workflows on autopilot by connecting Yeeflow to hundreds of web services with Microsoft Power Automate.
Using Yeeflow connector for Power Automate to sync data across apps

Data exchange made easy.

The Yeeflow forms  and data lists integration with Microsoft Power Automate makes it simple to streamline your data capture and eliminate time-consuming tasks from your workflows.

Seamlessly pass form data and file uploads to your Microsoft products and hundreds of other third-party apps. You’ll never need to manually upload files or submissions to your Microsoft systems again.
Seamless Integration

Yeeflow connector for Power Automate ensures effortless synchronization between Yeeflow's platform and other applications, streamlining data flow and processes.

Automated Workflows

Harness the power of automation by triggering specific actions in Yeeflow based on events in connected apps, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual tasks.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

By leveraging the connector, data transfer between Yeeflow and other platforms becomes error-free, ensuring data integrity and consistency across systems.

Scalable Solutions

As your business needs evolve, the Yeeflow connector for Power Automate can be easily adapted, allowing for the creation of more complex workflows and integrations without extensive redevelopment.

Bridge Yeeflow with a myriad of other systems

The Yeeflow connector for Power Automate makes it easy to integrate and interact with Yeeflow and other systems. With a wide range of triggers and actions, you can connect Yeeflow to other systems and implement complex integrations using the Power Automate flow designer.

Create a new Yeeflow record when a new lead is created in Salesforce.

Send a notification to a Yeeflow user when an email is received in Office 365.

Update a Yeeflow record when a task is marked as completed in Microsoft Planner.

Synchronize data between Yeeflow and other systems, such as ERP, CRM, and HR systems

How to use it now?

Using Power Automate online to connect data from Yeeflow applications.

Create a flow from Power Automate
Select Yeeflow as the trigger or choose proper actions
Build your flow by connecting with other connectors.

Frequently asked questions

We're here to help with any questions you have about plans, pricing, and supported features.
Is there any additional cost associated with using the Yeeflow Connector for Microsoft Power Automate?

There are no additional charges from Yeeflow for using the connector. However, for Microsoft Power Automate, you may need to subscribe to the Power Automate service, especially if you plan to use premium connectors like Yeeflow.

Can I also use the Yeeflow connector from Power Apps?

Yes, you can use the Yeeflow connector from Power Apps as well.