Microsoft Power BI Integration

Using Yeeflow Connector for Microsoft Power BI to access Yeeflow data and generate Power BI reports.

How it works?

1. In Power BI Desktop, select File > Options and settings > Options > Security.


2. Under Data Extensions, select (Not Recommended) Allow any extension to load without validation or warning. Select OK, and then restart Power BI Desktop.

3. Download the “YeeflowConnector.mez” file to your local computer.

4. Open the [Documents]\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors folder from your computer (If the folder does not exist, then create it). Copy the “YeeflowConnector.mez” file to this folder:

5. Open your Power BI Desktop application, select “Get data from another source” from the home page.

Or click Home from top navigation bar, then select “Get data“, and click “More” at the bottom of the dropdown list:

6. In the Pop-up window, select “Online Services”, and “Yeeflow (Beta)” from the services list. Click “Connect” button at the bottom.

7. In the “connect to your Yeeflow” window, click “Sign in” button to login with your Yeeflow Account, or select Feed Key and input the API Key.

8. After connected, you can select the data from the Yeeflow applications listed in the left navigation panel. Click “Load” button to add the selected data sources to Power BI.

9. After data are loaded, you can create your BI reports with the data:

10. Last not least, please feel free to contact us for any tech issues: