Microsoft Power Automate Integration

Put your workflows on autopilot by connecting Yeeflow to hundreds of web services with Microsoft Power Automate.

Data collection made easy

The Yeeflow forms  and data lists integration with Microsoft Power Automate makes it simple to streamline your data capture and eliminate time-consuming tasks from your workflows. Seamlessly pass form data and file uploads to your Microsoft products and hundreds of other third-party apps. You’ll never need to manually upload files or submissions to your Microsoft systems again.

Manage Records

Connect your data lists and forms to systems like Microsoft Dynamics and Excel to quickly update existing data and records or create new entries. You’ll be able to act on new information more quickly while keeping your systems updated and error-free.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Use the Teams connector to send notifications to coworkers every time a new form submission comes through. Your team will be able to see submissions arrive in real-time so they can respond to customer needs and requests faster.

Store Uploads

Use your forms to send file uploads and photos to apps like SharePoint and OneDrive. You can choose which folders you’d like to send files to so you can keep important uploads organized and easily accessible.

Fast, easy document generation

With the Microsoft Power Automate integration, you can build intelligent document workflows that eliminate manual data entry and boost productivity. Easily set triggers and actions that link data to Yeeflow.

Merge Data

Instantly pull information from web services like Microsoft Dynamics and populate it into your documents. After initial setup, your data will merge between Microsoft and Yeeflow Documents automatically.

Create Documents

Streamline your document preparation and eliminate time-consuming tasks with seamless workflows that automatically create your documents for you. No manual data entry required.

Deliver Anywhere

Quickly deliver generated proposals, contracts, applications, letters, and other documents to clients, team members, or third-party apps such as your CRM or favorite cloud storage solution.