The powerful Integration capability of Yeeflow

Integrate with Enterprise-Grade apps to make your solutions more dynamic. Connect Yeeflow to apps that are important to your business. Seamlessly integrate with legacy, EPR, and cloud platforms.

Cloud-Based Authentication Services

Yeeflow offers seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities with many of the standard authentication providers. You can sign-in to Yeeflow through:

Office 365

MS Active Directory



Of course, we also offer username- and password-based authentication, if you don’t use any of the above.

Microsoft Dynamics

SAP App Suite

Oracle App Suite

Salesforce CRM

Enterprise App Integration

Connect Yeeflow with your existing enterprise applications. Bridge Yeeflow with ERP applications and open two-way sharing of data with:

Yeeflow for Microsoft Office 365

For Microsoft Office 365 users, you can find the Yeeflow App from Office 365 App Store. Office 365 administrators can enable this capability for their company by associating a new or existing Yeeflow subscription with their Microsoft Active Directory domain.

Yeeflow on Microsoft Teams

You can find Yeeflow from the Microsoft Teams App Store. Use Yeeflow on Microsoft Teams, design your workflow and make users submit requests through Teams directly. Approve tasks with bots and manage data with Teams tabs.

Open Integration Options

Other than the above options, there are other Scenarios than would require integrations. Those fall under three broad types:

Push Data from Yeeflow

You can use many of Yeeflow REST APIs to push data from Yeeflow to multiple other platforms, perform remote approvals, and generally accomplish things that are not possible with readymade applications.

Pull Data from Yeeflow

Yeeflow also provides capabilities to configure remote webhooks that can be made to perform certain actions based on an approval happening inside Yeeflow.

Real-Time Lookup of Data

Fetch real-time values from remote systems that can be used in computation within Yeeflow through its Remote Lookup field. It allows you to refer to items in your Master Data Management system without having to sync it to Yeeflow.

How Will You Build The Difference?