Integrate YeeFlow with Microsoft Teams

Imagine receiving the updates of work items automatically in the dialog box, checking or approving tasks with a direct message in a conversation instead of opening the application, entering the specific page and doing the operations. How simplified the work will be?

With YeeFlow for Microsoft Teams you can:

Design Workflow, Forms, Content List and reports based on your needs.

Allow users to submit new request, check pending tasks and business data.

Get notifications from Bot regarding new approval tasks, and data changes etc.

Talk to Bot to check the pending tasks and Approve / Reject tasks via Bot.

Attach content list as a Tab of any team’s channel for data sharing and collaboration.

YeeFlow for Teams is compatible with both the browser and desktop versions of the Microsoft Teams application.

How to Install YeeFlow on Teams

1. Type “YeeFlow” in the top search bar of the Teams window, then select the YeeFlow app.

2. In the YeeFlow bot window, enable settings based on your needs. If making Add to a team to Yes, please type the name of the existing Team in the search field. Then click Install to complete the setup.

Talk to YeeFlow Bot

1. Navigate to the Chat tab on the left bar of Teams, click Login on the YeeFlow bot conversation. You will be redirected to the YeeFlow login page.

Click Sign in with Office 365 Account to login YeeFlow.

Please be note that if your Office 365 admin already associate your organization with YeeFlow but haven’t added your account to YeeFlow, you will see the following notification.

In this situation, click APPLY TO JOIN YEEFLOW, system will send your request to the admin for approving. You will be informed of the result via email.

2. Sign in to your YeeFlow account, once you see login successful page, you’ll now be able to talk to YeeFlow in Teams.

3. Type “my tasks” to view your pending tasks in YeeFlow. You can click the task to view and process it.

4. Type “logout” to disconnect your YeeFlow account from the bot. Then you will stop accepting notifications from events from YeeFlow.

5. Type “help” to learn about how YeeFlow works in Microsoft Teams.

How to Publish Content List to a Teams Tab

You need the following permissions in YeeFlow and Teams to publish the content list to a Teams Tab.

--You must have the Edit permissions in the content list which you want to publish.

--You must have at least one channel in a team in order to add the content list.

Add a Content List to a Channel

1. Select the channel you want from the left bar in Microsoft Teams.

2. Click the Plus icon under the name of the channel to display.

3. Select YeeFlow, on the prompted window, click Sign In to sign in to your YeeFlow account.

4. Select the YeeFlow content list you want to add to the tab and click Save.

You’re done! Now your content list will be available in its own tab to anyone who has subscribed to the channel. You can also click the icon near the Tab name, then to change, rename or remove it.

More Information to Use YeeFlow on Microsoft Teams.

You can use all the functions in YeeFlow on Microsoft Teams, on the YeeFlow bot window, click YeeFlow on the top menu and sign in to your YeeFlow account.

After logging in to your YeeFlow account, by clicking the buttons on the bottom, you can

-- Submit Requests.

-- Check or create content lists.

-- View reports.

-- Check requests or approve tasks. YeeFlow admins also can setup workflows through here.

For YeeFlow admins who want to setup your YeeFlow, click Settings on the top menu to access the system setting page.

Visit the link below to get more information on YeeFlow settings: